Time Flies

Suddenly, we are approaching the end of our time in Mwandi. Tomorrow is our last full day here before heading for a two night excursion at Chobe Game Park in Botswana followed by the two day journey home. Ten nights in Mwandi seems a fairly long time when you first arrive, but the time has flown by and now it draws to a close. It is always a surprise.

Today began with a lovely time leading devotion for the OVC staff at 8:30. We focused on a passage from First Corinthians 12 in which Paul speaks of the importance of every part of the Body of Christ–that we all have our role to play and no one is more important than another. We spent time sharing with one another the various roles we play. Each OVC staff person talked about the part they play in the mission of the OVC and each one was able to express how the part they play is important in making sure the children are loved, fed and nurtured. From cleaners, to cooks, to gardeners, drivers, guards, administrative assistants, storage keepers, program managers and the deaconess, each person spoke with a mixture of humility and pride about their work and how it fits into the whole. Each of our team members talked about their role on our team and how they fit into the whole. It was a wonderful time of mutual sharing, followed by singing and prayer.

Then we went to the Mwandi Mission School and split up so that one of us went to ten different classrooms in the high school to observe. It was fascinating. Our classes covered subjects like science, mathematics, history, English, business, and more. Classes are taught in English and we were all impressed by the teachers, the students, and the high caliber of learning given the very meager resources the school has for their classrooms. The students are bright and eager to learn.

On the way back to Simba we stopped to say hello to our friends at Kandiana and I bought rope from Patrick to bring home for those who have made items for sale out of the rope to benefit Kandiana. A couple of years ago, rope bracelets, key chains and other items were sold and raised enough money to buy all new mattresses for Kandiana! Stay tuned. We also saw that the two local men we hired to work with us on the Kandiana project were well on the way to building new chicken coops for the Kandiana chickens, who were already starting to move in with their many chicks!

After a late lunch, we spent time with two of our Zambian friends who had goods to sell–Dorothy and Samuel who were selling bags and carvings respectively. Then we had a brief time to dress for a lovely dinner out at Shakeltons Fishing Lodge with our special guests Lawrence Kamba and Dr. Cathy who have been a special part of our visit. It was a very fun evening and wonderful to get to know each of them even better.

And so now we are headed to sleep, with dreams of our last day in Mwandi on our minds. This time has been precious. The time has flown. One more day on this sacred ground…


About revsac

Susan is a Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor; a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and animal lover. She serves as Associate Pastor at Independent Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in Birmingham, Alabama.
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1 Response to Time Flies

  1. Greg Jeane says:

    My heart is with you and the team. Stay well and enjoy every minute of your time in Chobe NP viewing the fabulous wildlife. Karen and I pray for you, Susan, and the team for good health, open hearts, and demonstrable joy at being in one of the world’s very special locations…in my estimation, God bless, Greg

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